Monday, February 16, 2009

The History Behind DC Comics

The "Golden Age of comic books" is said to be the 1930s and 1940s. As the world faced the Great Depression and world wars, the American public needed more than just political satire or "Little Orphan Annie" cartoons; they needed a hero.

DC Comics had been around since the 1920s but saw little success, since no one wanted to take a gamble on a comic book series featuring unknown artists and characters. However, the launch of the "Superman" superhero in a 1938 issue of "Action Comics" began a new area of comics graphic novels; one where superheroes captivated audiences with their enviable superpowers.

Public fascination with the superheroes of DC Comics came and went throughout the 1940s and 1950s. In mid-1955, the Silver Age of comics was born, characterized by a revamping of old characters that were somewhat more "human," and an amalgamation of different universes into battles royal.

The Justice League of America would bring together Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and other characters for the first time. It's said that this era inspired Marvel Comic Books' Stan Lee to create more "human" characters and combine superheroes in the Fantastic Four series.

After "the Silver Age of comic books" of the 1950s and 1960s came "the Bronze Age" of the 1970s and 1980s. The Silver Age had introduced characters who were more "human" and less stereotypical do-gooders.

They, like humans, hosted a range of emotions, interacted with other humans and struggled with complex psyches. During the "Bronze Age," darker and previously-off-limits themes of drug abuse, personal vices, inner conflict and anti-hero character development entered the comic realm.

Kids were no longer the only readers, so the business savvy comic book creator had to address more serious themes of society, personality defects and science. The 1980s began what is known as "the Modern Age of comic books," which persists today. This "Modern Age" builds off the Bronze Age but delves even further into the darker side of graphic novels, intertwining sex, drugs, vices, psychological struggles, imperfect anti-heroes, cynicism and social critique.

During this time, the DC Comics Batman's The Dark Knight series takes off, X-Men launches into the complex back histories of their characters and the Mutants went to war against the humans, and a number of apocalyptic comics graphic novels came out, threatening the end of the world.

Perhaps what makes DC Comics so enduring is the ability of their writers to adapt to changing demands in their market. They recognize the need to change costumes, to make characters more tangible, to incorporate modern themes into their graphic novels and to give the public an occasional imperfect superhero.

Given the pervading cynicism of the 1980s and 1990s, it's hard to imagine a do-gooder like Superman dominating with his humdrum perfection. Instead, a psychologically driven Batman captivates modern audiences, with his childhood fear of bats, the pain of his parents' murder, his utility belt weakness, his unfulfilled love life and his relentless quest for vigilante justice.

Audiences wanted bigger and better, so creators teamed up superheroes and pitted their characters against Marvel Comics characters too. Today, comic books aren't just for kids with an extra quarter in their pockets: they are for anyone who needs a hero to get through their day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Villains of the Transformers

Heroes wouldn't be necessary if there are no Villains. Though they cause great havoc and trouble for the good guys, their contributions to make Transformer such a popular icon couldn't be measured. Of course, who will make the Autobots act as heroic if there are no wrongdoers to be sorted out?

1. Megatron

The exact opposite of Optimus Prime, Megatron was highly aggressive and a megalomaniac. According to his original tech spec, Megatron has no known weaknesses but this does not spare him from defeat at the hands of his enemies. For all his famed battle prowess and tactical ability, Megatron's overconfidence often causes him to overlook some vital strategic detail and lose the battle.

2. Starscream

It is a known fact that Starscream has the dearest ambition of overthrowing Megatron of the leadership of the Decepticons and due to his treachery and personality; he has become a fan favorite and one of the popular Transformer characters ever. Starscream believes that the Decepticons should rely more on guile and speed rather than brute destructive force to defeat the Autobots.

3. Scorponok

Scorponok’s primary alternate mode is the giant scorpion with claws that can crush mountains and a tail that fires deadly electric blasts. He likes causing destruction and misery and takes great pleasure in inflicting suffering as much as he could. His base mode is the Fasttrack, an armoured vehicle that can transform into a robot mode armed with twin photon cannons.

4. Shockwave

As the Decepticons' military operations commander, Shockwave's power is second only to
Megatron's. His actions are carried out with the cold, brutal clarity and perfection one would expect of a purely mechanical being — his way is not that of blood lust, like so many other Decepticons, but rather that of a scientist attempting to solve a problem.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Most Popular Transformers

If the girls have their Barbie, then the boy's ultimate version will be the Transformers. I remember the glorifying feeling these toys have on me every time I see them in my room or even just in cartoons. Seldom will you meet people who don't know about them and the ever-fascinating characters.

1. Optimus Prime

He is depicted as a heroic, brave and compassionate character and has a strong sense of justice and righteousness. The original Optimus Prime transforms into a cab over semi truck then truck's cab transforms into the robot mode of Prime himself, equipped with vast strength and armed with a laser rifle. Did you know that he's name in Japan is Convoy?

2. Bumblebee

Of all the Transformers characters, Bumblebee is my favorite. Not only that he is adorably bad-ass but his prowess in Espionage proves to be perfect to his size (compared to other big transformers). Of all his transforming modes, The Volkswagen Beetle has been the most popular and my personal favorite too. And who could forget that unforgettable motto of his: "The least likely can be the most dangerous."

3. Megatron

He is the worst guy of all in the Transformer universe. He is very powerful and utterly ruthless. His imposing robot form is dominated by his primary weapon - his arm-mounted fusion cannon and is best seen in his Jet form that does not only look slick but poses great danger because of speed and weapon's attack capabilities up in the air.

4. Wheeljack

Wheeljack is the scientist of the Autobot forces. The weapons and gadgets, while invented for the benefit the Autobot, often bring great danger and introduce unpredictable elements into critical situations. Wheeljack is the most accomplished driver (while in car mode) among the Autobots and enjoys displaying his skill level through various road stunts.

5. Jazz

Jazz is the cool, stylish, and very competent member of the Autobots. He is the head of Special Operations and assigns the most dangerous assignments to himself. Jazz's can adapt pretty well to whatever environment he finds himself in for he effortlessly tunes in to the local culture, assimilating and improvising, and making creative command decisions.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How to value added on your collected movie figures

Almost all the time to relax watching TV or movies. When the end of the film, something that might need to pick their favorite characters who are still alive. Details of the film at the top of the list to start the collection. It is reasonably priced and easy to find in the first release, But the cost will increase with time.

Thing's You'll Need :
- Money
- Storage
- Time

Instructions :
1. When movies showing, there will have related figures coming out with the movies in most of toy shop. You can start looking and collecting info on movie figure series you love.

2. You can buy the figures now if you do not have time to wait. However, you may not need to buy the figures right now, but just wait until the movies almost pulled out from the program.

3. At that time, many toy shops will put the figures on sale, so you can start buying a couple of full figure set plus extra main characters.

4. You can open the figure packages and show on your shelf if you want. On the rest figure set, you just put them in your storage and forget them for a couple year.

5. When the time pass, you can see the price of the figures raising up for the set
especially on full series set in MIP (Mint In Pack).

Friday, January 23, 2009

Coin Collecting

One of the most popular pastimes today numismatics. Coin collecting is a fun hobby that can be accessible to all. Making a coin collection is the idea that some currencies are more valuable than others. Amateur collectors often save money when he noticed the date it was decades ago. Many adults and children enjoyed a coin collection. For most of these people are confined to his collection of antique coins and currencies of other countries. They were happy to find something unusual, and keep it to show others.

There are amateur collectors coins save money in each of the places they travel. They are the currency of other countries, is interesting and, over time, and with the help of the extension of travel, which can make an impressive collection. Others just to keep the coins, which retain their value. This could mean the currency for the year or the year they were born, your parents or brothers and sisters were born. The collection of coins in a way, is an excellent indication of a person? Life, and he makes a good memory to move to the next generation.

Serious coin is a collection of art in itself. There are collectors who invest much time and money in the collection perfectly.

In most severe cases of collector coins have a collection that focus on specialty. For some it? SA certain period of time, and are always looking for more coins from those years. For others, it is true the name of the currency. They collect only a quarter or a dime, and focus on finding a rare coin denomination.

There are many places that a coin collector can go to find new treasures. There are several auction sites that serve to numismatics. The images of the coins are placed together with a description of his condition and prices. Many of these sites have published hundreds of coins and avid collector, it gives them the opportunity to contribute to his collection.

It?s often thought that in order to go into the hobby of coin collecting a person needs to be wealthy. Although it?s true that some coins are very costly the amateur collector can begin a collection on a relatively low budget. There are treasures that are affordable in the market for coins. One of the first things that every coin collector should do is check the spare change daily. Although this? Not often that valuable coins in circulation, is going to happen.

Another area of numismatics, many people interested in these coins, which contain errors. Although it no longer? T happen very often placed coins in circulation that contain errors. This error may be outside the center of a currency or a currency, which has a dual symbol of mint. These coins can be useful mainly because they are of a kind.

Finding these types of coins can be more complex than the total collection of medals, but also for those involved, they receive, if they find a coin with an error in it.

Coins can be fun and profitable hobby. You can start small and once you begin to build a collection of the sky the limit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Girl Doll Collecting

Many girls are connected to collecting dolls like American Girl dolls. Well, not entirely surprising to see how fun and interesting to collect some pretty girl doll and you can use and buy some accessories, furniture, books and gifts, as you would a dear friend.

Equal to the collection of American Girl dolls is good, hobby, entertainment. After receiving the doll, you can buy the difference is cool and trendy clothes and accessories. You can do whatever you want with a doll. If you want your wrist seems to be sports or dressed like a princess, you can. If you want to be comfortable as a dear friend, you can also get their beds, tables and chairs, trunks and other storage, as well as many other options for the furniture. You can also get various animals, musical instruments, luggage, used horses and carriages.

Also, if you want your wrist to meet some new friends, can lead to some local retail dolls, offering special events for collectors of dolls and dolls. Your wrist and you can meet new friends, and lunch and tea. If you want your wrist or clipped hair cut, it is also possible in the retail trade. You can also visit some communities and online resources to collect a doll. For American Girl doll collection, for sure you'll find many of these resources and the community said. In these places, you can interact with other collectors and eventually be able to share with a doll of it, because the time they share their wrists. You can make yourself and your wrists to the parties and the like.

However, the doll collection can be costly, especially when a collection of American Girl dolls. On the upside, dolls, you probably can become their own investments. Especially if they have been released long ago.

But if you do not want to spend, you can try searching on eBay and Amazon. In these places you can find a retired or used toys and dolls with discounts, which are of good quality. Clothing, accessories, books, furniture and other great things for the dolls are also available at those locations. However, we must be cautious and prudent to test the quality of the dolls and stuff like that to make sure they get the best value for your money.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Creating a Sign For Your Model train

To add a large search for signs of age for its model train display, but do not know how? Have you noticed that some of these shops are hanging around the city, and thinking, how it would be a great feature if you can cut? Well, now you can!

The easiest way to get these signs is to cut out of the magazine, which is the size you're looking for. While they can, their age, and then add to your home or anywhere. But what if you can not find in a magazine that fits your imagination? Your next step is to move to the Internet.

On the Internet you can find a lot of people involved only in the old signs. If you click on the pictures and save them, you can easily get the signs of need. See all the images you want on your team. Find out what your size, and can shrink or blow up the scale you're looking for consistency in the game. Once you've done this, you need a printer to print high quality as those used to quickly copy instead.

Save edited photos on a CD, DVD or flash drive and pay for a trip to your local copy shop quickly. Let them know you are looking for high-quality printing, but also let them know that they will not be on sale. Some of these stores to prohibit the reproduction of copyrighted material. Ask how many photos on a sheet, as they can. This will save much money in the long term. Also, make sure that some of coated paper used to produce the best possible look.

If you have any signs of print, you are ready to add to your home. Be creative with your placement. As you know, many signs are hung in a place you can find a free place. Another thing that can be taken into account in the search for their symptoms: if you do not know how you drink machines, gas pumps or other nostalgic contact should look like, you may get a picture of them on Internet sites , where for the first time found that your characters. This will help save as much precision as possible.

Keep your train of the series is very easy to make and can be fun. You can make it appear that came directly from the 1920s or a new capability can be. This may take some research and creativity, but will soon be showing their railways in the historic style. Remember that all potential problems, such as signs and vehicles, including cars and people can make a big difference in the world.